What is probate?

Probate is defined as the legal and financial process involved in dealing with assets, property, and money of a person who has died. This means that the next of kin or Executor named in the Will may have to apply for probate before claiming, transferring, selling, or distributing any of the deceased’s assets.

Effectively marketing a property requires many strategies and a campaign, whether the probate is with full or limited authority. We will design a marketing plan that will showcase your property to buyers around the world – and sell the property at its highest value. When listing with Sac Platinum Realty, you receive international and local MLS exposure, custom property websites, multi-platform advertising, and more!

When the property enters escrow, Sac Platinum Realty will make the process smooth and FREE of encumbrances. How is this done? We’ll place buyers through an extensive vetting process. This vetting process will ensure our projected close date to make sure that the Estate’s goals are met efficiently and timely. We review buyer funds, verify loan approvals, and remove buyer contingencies. In the case of Administrators and Executors that are granted limited authority, an additional court date will be required to provide an opportunity for over-bidders. Sac Platinum Realty works diligently to advertise the property and its overbid requirements for the opportunity to generate higher offers.

If you have been named an heir of a loved one who has passed, you may be wondering what comes next. You may have questions about the probate process, probate law, how long it takes, if there is a cost, and what you will need to do. Though it is a complex process, you can get some basic ideas about what to expect and whether you can empty the house before probate, or if you must wait.

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Probate can be confusing and complicated. Make sure you understand what is expected of you before you decide to accept the role of administrator or executor of an estate. You’ll have tasks to perform, deadlines to meet, and laws to follow. Though working with a probate attorney can make the job easier, the responsibility is yours in the end. The process is a lot better with a probate specialist. Contact us today for a FREE no-obligation consultation.

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